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The Prince's Affair

Vienna Hale

You have been a maid your entire life, until the crown prince starts finding interest in your beauty. In the midst of his wedding prep and being his future wife's lady in waiting, will you be able to keep your affair with him a secret?


The Baby Mess

Vienna Hale

Two high school sweethearts Grace and Dylan make a crazy move to get married right out of college, but they're young and reckless and apparently incompatible. The marriage is on the verge of breaking and they decide to separate, but then Grace finds out she's PREGNANT. 


Cheating Death

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

When the whole country is hit by a zombie apocalypse, you need to survive while finding the cure for the viral invasion. How will you escape unscathed while having to manage the conflicts that are blooming within your new group of friends? 


Forbidden Little Secret

Vienna Hale

You break up with your boyfriend, trying to focus yourself in finding a job, as a nanny. But what happens when you become the nanny for a rich family and meet Ji-Woo Hwang, the father?

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The Alpha's Match

Vienna Hale

You're the outcast of the pack, the trouble maker, the one that no one really wants to protect. It seems like people's biggest game is to get under your skin, to mock you. That is, until the day you're announced as the Alpha's promised one.

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