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Catch up on His Social Affair and watch this space for more FancyLove stories by Vienna.


His Social Affair

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac


The Madame

You are just chilling at the club, receiving and greeting clients. That's when Arabella comes looking for a job. When Eli comes to look for Arabella later on, he also can't resist your charms and ends up getting involved with you. In between two childhood friends, will you have to choose one?

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

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Sugar Daddy


You've got a new job opportunity working for the famous influencer Noah! However, the job is not all that you expect and Noah actually wants you to seduce your employers' husband - Jackson!

You thought getting a sugar daddy is an easy way out to make a living. It's quick and simple; Until you meet Jesse Davies, a man who always looks so exhausted and lonely. Will you catch feelings just as quickly as you earn your money?

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

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Masked Desire

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

You meet a sultry woman who easily sweeps you off your feet - only to awkwardly find out that the woman is none other than your biggest rival herself. In between your lust and your fights, you need to make sure that everything remains professional at work, a firecracker in bed.

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