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Bacherlors in the Wild

Vienna Hale 

You're a bachelorette who loves adventures, so you decide to go on a survival show, where all the other contestants want one thing, your heart.

Lustful Manipulation.png

Lustful Manipulation

Vienna Hale

He comes back into your life like a storm, taking full control of it, so you have no other choice but to let yourself be manipulated by lust.

Good Intentions.png

Good Intentions

Vienna Hale and Jasmine Lilac

he comes barging in, trying his best to sweep her off her feet. She's content with her life and isn't about to lose her footing. How can he persist, when she keeps resisting?

Do Me Better.png

Do Me Better

Vienna Hale

He saved her life, but a misunderstanding drove them apart. With four weeks and four different countries, will he be able to make her fall in love?


Thorned Rose

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

When a cold and detached assassin shatters the life of a yakuza princess, she has to suppress her growing desire for the woman and learn how to deal with deadly consequences.

Not a Saint.jpg

Not a Saint

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

She's used to having everyone at her feet until a cold, distant stranger awakes her interest. In lust-filled mind games, the outcome can only be complicated.

Lights Down Low.jpg

Lights Down Low

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

He's the love of your life, but he never looks your way. When you finally meet someone who worships you, will your first love start seeing you as a woman?

Ring Leader.jpg

Ring Leader

Vienna Hale

Settling into your new life becomes even harder when you go to a mask party, and accidentally start an affair with your unattainable VP.


Bitter Taste

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

Having a true freedom is beyond impossible for a yakuza princess. Getting married to a notorious young boss is the last thing she needs… and the key to her hidden, forgotten past.

Love Light.png

Love Light

Vienna Hale & Jasmine Lilac

Love, lust, betrayal. When a group of people is connected by love, family…. children, the story can become never-ending.


Papercut Bliss

Vienna Hale

He's your best friend's brother. Is he off-limits? Of course not. Off-limits is when pain starts to replace all the fuzzy feelings... And the bro code is broken.



Vienna Hale

When an imperceptible man wants to play a game with you, where he's the king and your the pawn, who will get the best result?



Vienna Hale

Three guys, one broken heart. You thought you were gaining freedom, but you end up spiraling down into a mess that threatens your new life.


Miss Hot Mess

Vienna Hale

Your life was always pretty dull, but meeting a mysterious man will turn it upside down. What will happen when you;re suddenly back in the spotlight?

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